About telSpiel

telSpiel is where businesses find innovative ways to connect with customers

telSpiel is a rapidly growing company all set to make a mark in the dynamic field of communication and marketing automation. Starting off as a team of enthusiastic professionals, we use our frontline expertise in segments like data, voice and SMS solutions to offer such services like cloud telephone, re-targeting automation, emails etc. to enable you, our clients, to optimize your engagement with current and potential future customers.

We leverage on all available channels and media to adopt an omnichannel and broad-based approach so that customer communication can be established in an impactful and result-oriented manner. By enabling customization of such available technologies like mobile, telecom, web etc. we are able to provide personalized business service solutions in various sectors like banking, insurance, e-commerce, retails and media. Our policy of detailed assessment enables us to the CRM and branding requirements of these different sectors effortlessly.

We are different since we help augment client marketing programs with smart automation. We are effective because our efforts enable client marketing managers to derive precise insights into their objectives. And we strive to make a mark by helping you to take informed profit-making decisions!


To be the most reliable and secured communication solution provider.


To empower businesses by providing them accessible, secured, agile, improved, and economical omni channel communication platform that helps both consumers and brands to have enrich interaction to fulfil their communication needs.


To become India’s market leader by 2024 and a globally recognised organisation by 2030 in application-to-person messaging world.

Meet Our Core Team

Meet our intelligentia working cohesively to create delightful experience for your valued clients.

Self-driven contributors

We have brought together finest, creative and trend-setting talents, super zealous to make every communication customized and result-driven.

Well-coordinated talent pool

We are a well-coordinated bunch of technical experts, communication geniuses and marketing gurus delivering solutions with a focus on improvement and advancement.

New faces – new energy

Our team is growing constantly with new faces having new ideas and undivided focus learning together more with each project and raising the bar constantly.

It is our zeal to excel and innovate that telSpiel has become the first choice of businesses looking for communication solutions that spell enhanced reach and success.