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Voice solutions allow businesses to operate way beyond the working hours giving 24x7 access to customers. Integrated voice solutions beat the limits of time and expand horizon of live chats Integrate Voice solutions to leverage the power of digital channels in your business ecosystem with telSpiel Voice products designed to expand the reach and enable more access to consumers.

Integrated Analytics Real Time

All Voice Solutions from telSpiel comes with integrated analytics tools so that instant impact and unforeseen shortcomings are understood with no extra effort. Track, measure, reach and be more visible in the whole process bringing more accountability to the customer service We create state-of-the-art experience through

  • Custom IVR set-up
  • Call privacy assurance and compliance
  • 24-hr support
  • Delivery status reports

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

Voice Broadcast Solutions

Helps businesses disseminate information across all Mobile users

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Polling and Voting

Involve Your Target Audience Deeply with telSpiel Voice Solutions

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Call Bridging Services

Connect with customers without compromising on their privacy

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Hosted IVRS Services

Connect better with valued customers through Hosted IVRS Solutions

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Missed Call Alert Services

Expand CRM outreach with telSpiel Missed Call Alert Services

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Voice OTP Solutions

Make your customers feel well protected with telSpiel

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Feedback/Survey Management Solutions

Be there for customers throughout the service cycle with telSpiel

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Click2Call Services

Achieve customer delight with Click2Call Voice Solution from telSpiel

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