WhatsApp for Business

Grow Customer Base At Scale with telSpiel WhatsApp For Business Solution

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Make your mobile number your business address with WhatsApp For Business Tool from telSpiel.

Create impressive profile. Include all crucial information and enrich it further with logo, tagline, etc. Let customers know all about you enhancing credibility in the process.

Automated Bots. We can set the automated bots for you so that customers can have one-to-one interaction as if they are talking to a salesperson.

Rich Media Options. Control buying process by providing customers all they need to make decisions such as images, documents, etc.

Why telSpiel WhatsApp For Business

Impregnable Encryption. Make business strictly between you and your customers with multiple bit encryption. Valuing customer privacy could never be so impressive.

Enhance customer trust. Your image of a WhatsApp branded business can do wonders to customer loyalty. They will be deeply touched by your ubiquitous presence.

Applicable to all customer-centric business sectors. BFSI, e-commerce, Retail, Travel, Food & Beverages and so on.