WhatsApp Business API from telSpiel drives Meaningful Customer Interactions

Reach customers on their favorite chat app and talk business with added touch of personalization

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WhatsApp Business API gives you a big size target audience to converse and share business specifics and get lots of conversions in return. The platform offers media-enriched interface to create promotional campaigns, and safely encrypted medium to send business crucial information.

Alert customers on the most used application about
  • Product launches
  • Booked tickets
  • Order confirmation
  • Payment confirmations
  • Shopping alerts, and lot more.
Promote business with added conviction
  • Media-rich messaging to deliver catalogs, images, files and others
  • Branding support to add logo, business address, etc.
Enable transaction seamlessly
  • Help pick product or service and payment method in one go
  • Send payment parking account details

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


WhatsApp Business API for Notifications help businesses notify as per the customer preferences

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Send periodic notifications over WhatsApp so that no customer misses any crucial information.

Give personalized experience to customers by sharing over WhatsApp important notifications that they need to manage their retail accounts.

  • Account summary
  • Last purchases
  • Policy expiry
  • Order tracking
  • Invoice sharing
Initiate two-way interaction to give customers easy access to
  • Product warranty details
  • Account balance information
  • Business catchment area
  • Last purchase details
  • Price and discount offers on demand

Customer Window

Open Window of Business Opportunities with WhatsApp Customer Window Service

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Make each interaction more meaningful, immediate and personalized with WhatsApp Business API Customer Window Solution from telSpiel.

telSpiel Customer Window empowered by WhatsApp Business API creates countless opportunities to drive user engagement.

  • Immediate price enquiry of products
  • ‘How to’ questions’ easy and detailed reply
  • Addressing concerns related to onboarding
  • ‘Can you deliver’ and ‘Do you have’ queries explained satisfactorily
  • Added visibility of WhatsApp
  • Extended reach of App
  • Easy integration in chat, emails, in-app and others