Business Critical Messaging Solutions

telSpiel Business Critical Messaging Solutions Integration is Scalable, Flexible and Result-oriented way of keeping customers in loop regarding crucial information and updates

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OTP for User Verification. Open another avenue apart from Voice and SMS for customer to receive OTP and help them proceed in fraud-proof way. Easy integration our specialty!

Request Authentication. Never keep your customers locked out of their own accounts by providing them easy request authentication support.

Critical Updates. Your customers ought to know every critical update and we give you finest support for doing so. Scalable solutions working across all IP addresses and supported by omniscient servers.

telSpiel Business-Crucial Messaging Advantage

Fastest Solution. Empowered by lowest TAT, our email deliverability is the most unquestionable and certainly trustworthy.

Exceptional reach. Lightning fast email transmission covering thousands of IPs serves customers just right on time.

In-built auto corrector. We help you be the most right while sending emails only to correct recipients, no spams and no rebounds is what we achieve for you.

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