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Reach to customers instead of waiting for them to reach you

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Create away from shop channels with telSpiel Email, Voice and SMS solutions. Make every touch point a selling platform and generate numbers faster than ever!


Alerts & Notifications. Bulk, programmed, segmented.

Transactional alerts. Secured, personalized, encrypted and real time.

Promotional. Rich Media, Engaging voice led solutions, retargeting and engagement.


OTP Confirmation. Offering, secured and buyer-specific voice support for crucial information like OTP.

Information on Demand. Propagation and broadcast of promotional content and information in personalized manner at scale.

Promotional. Making promotions reach far and wide right on the customer mobile phones in minimum budget, new arrivals, combo offer alerts, new store alert, etc.

Operational. Delivery status, important updates, latest offer/notifications, and so on.

Customer service. Drive customer satisfaction through IVR response, call bridging for faster response.


Business crucial messaging. Convey all business-crucial information through SMS at scale and to segmented customer base.

Login and transaction OTP support. Secure way of conveying transaction-crucial information.

Promotional. Repurchase reminders, new arrival alert, short URL link preview.

The new age Enterprise solution

Perfect answer to drive customer satisfaction through effective communication

SMS Service

Drive sales and boost customer engagement with SMS Service

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Voice Service

Voice Service for FMCG offers proven way of connecting with customers

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Email Service

Crafting Impressive Campaigns comes Easy with telSpiel Email Service

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WhatsApp Business API

Automated way to Notify and Interact with Customer over WhatsApp

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