SMS - Transactional Alert

Making customers true boss of their financial matters

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Alerting is a personalized way of keeping customers in loop about every login, payment or delivery status. We have designed secure and sophisticated way of sending real time alerts through SMS, voice and e-mail to help the businesses build a dependable image.

With uptime close to 100%, our solutions never fail to deliver any important message and keeps the customers aware of the slightest buzz happening in their financial ecosystem.

Trusted by leading banks and financial institutions and e-commerce platforms, our notifications and transactional alert systems stand out in robustness and accuracy.

Our Specialties
  • Banking alerts. Over billions of alerts sent successfully
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multiple channels covered
Core Strengths
  • Fit for SMS. Versatile messaging system designed for SMS
  • Fully customized. Speak in the language the customers understand, on the channels they access
  • 2-way messaging. To help solve queries real time
  • 100% global network coverage
  • Nearing 100% uptime
  • Realtime reporting for immediacy and improvement

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