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Make SMS service more productive with Information on Demand

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Take your business communication to next level with Information on Demand. With rich messaging support, you can make customers’ mobile phones your trusted primary touch point for sharing information, answer queries and do lot more.

Break the shackles of short SMS. SMS has limitations of words, expressions and media too. Information on Demand helps send media-enriched messages which are otherwise not possible to send through SMS service.

Deliveries of a quality Information on Demand. Information on Demand moves beyond SMS app and leverages power of other messaging apps to accomplish communication objectives such as:

  • Enriched dissemination of product information through catalog sharing
  • Share explanatory videos and audios
  • Share documents and file attachments
  • Send surveys and forms to receive feedbacks
Information anywhere, anytime, any type on demand
  • Two-way Interaction. Guided navigation support for better response, CTAs inclusion for deeper engagement.
  • Branding opportunities. Support for including logo, brand name, company introduction and so on for better brand recall.

With analytics, insights and resources,  telSpiel helps create credible image capable of delivering incredible outcomes.

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