Missed Call Alert Services

Expand CRM outreach with telSpiel Missed Call Alert Services

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One missed call is all you need to amplifying up your business game and we are here to tell you how to make it your most powerful tool.

Reaching to a cost-conscious customer base could never be so effortless. telSpiel brings you missed call alert solutions that allow customers to give missed calls to special numbers owned by businesses. There is a callback system also working in conjugation to ensure that every conversation, complete or incomplete, accomplishes its purpose. You miss call but never a customer with telSpiel Missed Call Alert Solution.

Designed for prepaid mobile phone users primarily, missed call alert services telSpiel is able to create seamless experience due to:
  1. Hundreds of PRI and SIP channels integrated
  2. Millions of billing pulse per month
  3. Partnership with all channels and networks
  4. Multiple Operator Connectivity Infrastructure
  5. Multi-lingual support
  6. Call-to-Action Intimation support for better engagement

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