Hosted IVRS Services

Connect better with valued customers through Hosted Centralized IVRS Solutions

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Automated voice calls offer seamless connection with added advantage of privacy and accurate delivery. Hosted IVRS telSpiel are the easy to integrate solutions that are designed to fit the scale as well as nature of communication.

What Hosted IVRS Services used for

Using special numbers and multi-network connectivity, telSpiel hosted IVRS tool can be useful for sending information to the customers, which can be:

  • Authentication information like OTP
  • Confirmation call
  • Order confirmation status
  • Payment reminder
  • Important updates and so on.
Giving no manual intervention calls support for added confidence and complete automation
  • Multi-lingual platform. Select from an exhaustive list of language to interact
  • Smart list optimization. Cohesive working of analytics and optimization to generate quality leads
  • Customer on-boarding with professional touch. Streamlining customer onboarding with real time activations and completing subscription process
  • Redialing. Never miss any customer and save manual effort and cost in reaching them

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