telSpiel for Healthcare

Automate doctor appointment, online payments, Pathology tests, surveys and other customer services to make health an easily reachable service

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telSpiel Communications Solutions help Health Services engage consumers over Email, SMS and Voice and extend them treatment support completely free from all hassles.

Health through telSpiel SMS Alerts and Marketing

Alerts. Send automated messages to registered numbers to convey appointment reminders, payment alerts, OTPs and health-crucial information.

Promotions. Add cutting edge to promotions campaigns by achieving deeper engagements through 2-way messaging. Create info on demand web to match the services available nearby to the customers looking for it. Use SMS marketing campaigns to talk extensively yet customer-centric way about the health products & services to potential customers and drive conversions.

Health Over Voice

Alerts. Multi-specialty alerts about the doctors available, appointments booked, payments made etc. can take effort out of customer service.

Promotions. Automate marketing campaigns using voice solutions such as: Pre-recorded human voice messages, Info on demand voice service, Click to call for facilitating navigation of health tools, IVR systems segmented list-based to reach more and convert better.

Health through telSpiel Email Solutions

Alerts. Send alerts over email besides through voice and SMS regarding, Hospital working hours, Doctor’s appointments, Doctor’s prescription, Available doctors in area, New health services nearby, Personalized health reports.

Promotion. Give opt-in email solutions for receiving newsletters and health services updates, User behavior analysis based email marketing solutions like bulk emails.

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SMS Service

Bring health services to customers’ mobile phones through telSpiel SMS

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Voice Service

Make health services exceptionally empathetic with Voice Solutions

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Email Service

Email Solutions for Health empower Telehealth to treat patients with Care

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WhatsApp Business API

Take health solutions to WhatsApp and create opportunities to care and treat

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