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Connect with customers without compromising on their privacy with telSpiel Call Patching Service

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telSpiel Call Patching Service enables connecting with customers while providing them added cover of confidentiality. Mean pure business and no spam with our call patching service

telSpiel Call Patching Service Supports Customer Confidentiality
  • Helps avoid spam calls from reaching your valued customers
  • Ensures adherence to customer privacy laws of the country
  • Helps fight scamsters effectively
  • Provides anti-hacking cover by masking the call
Types of Call Patching Solution from telSpiel
  • Conventional Bridge
  • Pin Based Call Patch
Leverage Call Patching for Better Customer Experience
  • telSpiel Call Patching service provides dependable infrastructure to ensure that seamless connectivity between customer and business minus the safety concerns is achieved
  • Added security that keeps customer phone number under cover
  • Scalable solution to complement growing business needs
  • Connectivity in Budget leading to more business per call expense
  • Better engagement with auto response system
  • Secure Call Masking enabled through virtual mobile numbers or VMNs

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