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Interact with team within compliant realms with telSpiel

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Team communications need to be secured, fast, to the point and sometimes enriched too. Keep up with each other with our Internal Team Communications solutions.

Flexible and Scalable. Make team communications more inclusive with flexible and scalable SMS and rich SMS solutions.

On-premise enterprise SMS. Designed for in-premise communications, telSpiel brings agility in inter-personal office communications with focus on safety.

All communications support. Keep everyone in loop about processes, announcements, workshops, schedule through in-premise SMS solutions.

telSpiel – Trusted on-premise communication tool

Scalable footprint for customized reach. Make every system in premise a touch point seamlessly.

Multiple vendor support. Ensure uniform information dissemination across all levels of hierarchy.

Highly efficient communication. About 3 million messages possible to exchange without reconfiguring servers.

User-specific authority. Integrate organization directory to bring intelligence and to avoid spamming, thereby, bringing more relevance to communication.

Core Strengths
  • Full-proof file processor module
  • Customizable business rule engine
  • Interactive communication support
  • Pre-defined personalization and transliteration support

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