Feedback/Survey Management Solutions

Be there for customers throughout the service cycle with telSpiel Feedback/Survey Management Solutions

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Whether it is the login/sign up or completion of a purchase order on any of the channel, businesses can keep in touch with customers through Feedback/Survey Management Solutions. An automated call does go long way. To avoid abandonments, a concise, crisp and user-friendly interface is required. This is what we have mastered at telSpiel.

telSpiel Expertise for Voice Solutions to Manage Feedback/Surveys
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Multiple Operator Reach
  • Omni-channel functioning
  • Easily embeddable code for feedback/survey CTA
  • Calling support for phones, apps and VoIPs.
  • Global phone number inventory
  • Multi-lingual support
Hear it right from the horse’s mouth and put it to use too

telSpiel helps you make insightful decisions by helping you collect feedback and embed surveys from customers reaching web apps, mobile apps, product pages on e-commerce sites and so on.

  • Call recording mechanism
  • Instant delivery reports
  • Redialing support

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