Click-worthy emails driving ecommerce success assuredly

Use email to inform, promote and sell products and services online

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Make email the finest touch point with telSpiel Email For Ecommerce Solutions and be there where your customers come organically, interact confidentially and gives you a premise to grow smartly

telSpiel Ecommerce Email Solutions

Triggered email solutions. Newsletter opt-ins, birthday greetings, reminder emails and so on

Bulk email Support. Reaching segmented customers to tunes of thousands in one click

Onboarding emails. Account verification, demo emails

Rich content emails. infographics support, video-embedding, CTA links, document links, emails with attached catalogs and documents

One email empowered by telSpiel is all it takes to

Inform customers sincerely. Product launches/store launches, Policy changes, Important notifications, Business-crucial information

Sell through Ecommerce confidently. Customized links to product pages, Emails based on customer preferences, Feedbacks and survey emails to record customer experience, Transactional alerts for completing buying process

Promote Ecommerce extensively and aggressively. Retargeting and engagement focused emails, Rich media use for clear and engaging information, Funneled campaigns to get better response

Analyze Ecommerce to win competition better with. Delivery reports and rebounds, Unclicked emails analysis, Location-bound response to emails

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

OTP Alerts

Drive quicker onboarding and safe transactions with telSpiel OTP Alerts Over Email

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Add a reliable alternative of email to send Ecommerce related OTP alerts that reach customers without fail.

Our enterprise-grade OTP alert service covers all customers invariably creating exceptional experience for end users.

  • Multi-lingual alert
  • No lag delivery           
  • Carrier international networks tie-ups
  • Fully encrypted OTP intimation
  • Added layer of security for transactions
  • Fraud-proof dealing assurance
  • Customer data safety
  • Regularly updated
  • Delivery within 5 second
  • Exceptional operational performance
  • Easily integrated with Voice and SMS


Target customers by promoting business through telSpiel Email Solutions for Promotions

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Promoting business through telSpiel Email for Promotions Redefines Reach and Amplifies Outcomes Incredibly.

telSpiel Email API for Promotions enables reaching customers at scale and is designed to deliver more numbers per interaction.

Features & Benefits
  • Quick delivery
  • Email ID inventory validation support
  • Multilingual Email Messages
  • Automated and scheduled opt-in/out
  • Carried networks partnerships for fast delivery
  • Image Editing support
  • Media-enriched Email Advantage
  • Reach beyond geographical boundaries
  • Delivery at scale to support businesses