SMS customers smartly to drive ultimate Ecommerce experience

Alerts, Promotions, Notifications, and lot more just in a click to give your E-commerce customers a sophisticated experience

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Take E-commerce to where it serves the best! Leverage telSpiel SMS Service Advantage to ensure growth of your E-commerce business by reaching to mobile phones that have become the personalized shops of your valued customers

With telSpiel SMS Service for E-commerce, you can achieve lot more than business objectives

Reach customers globally. Partnership with carrier networks to communicate beyond boundaries.

Inter-network partnerships. Reach on any network where your customers are to engage and promote.

Concatenate to say it all. Smart way of sending lengthy messages in one go.

Expand customer reach. Automate opt-in/opt-out lists to make campaigns more segmented

Multiple language options. Design SMSs in language the customers can understand

2-way messaging for deeper understanding of customer expectation. Empowered by bot support, telSpiel offers personalized experience to customers for business chats.

SMS made exceptionally easy and safe
  • Quick integration
  • Enterprise grade encryption
  • Flexible platform designed to fit varying scales of operation
  • Close to 100% uptime to enable more business per day

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Reach offline SMS way to bring customers online

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Build web of trigger and non-trigger SMS to be around ecommerce customers beyond geographical boundaries.

Make your customers fully aware and secure with notifications at every stage of transaction with telSpiel SMS for Notification Service.

  • List optimization for segmented campaigns
  • Instant delivery reports
  • Automated retrials
  • Multiple network and channel partnership
  • Clear and compelling CTAs
  • Verified Number Base
  • Multilingual support for messaging
  • Full encryption advantage
  • SMS from within premise
  • Multiple Message formats - Flash, Port, WAP

OTP Verification

Fight away fraudulent transactions with One time passwords

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Add twin-layer security with SMS API for OTP to make transaction between you and the end user strictly

Keep customers well-informed of slightest buzz in their ecommerce accounts with telSpiel OTP Verification Through SMS.

  • Secure generation and delivery of completely random OTP via SMS
  • Assured delivery with retrials and multiple channels
  • Unique OTP to every customer each time
  • Complete cover against fraud
  • Unmatched protection of privacy and user data
  • Lowest Latency
  • Highest Delivery percentage
  • Failover mechanism

Info On Demand

Reliable Opt-in solution to provide complete information to customers on demand

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Engage customers by providing them authentic information about product or service just on a click with telSpiel Info on Demand over SMS Solutions.

Enable easier customer reach to provide information for strong business-customer relations with telSpiel’s Info on Demand SMS Solutions.

  • Real time information to customers through SMS
  • Assist with location, or contact details instantly
  • Get instant response on your ad campaign
  • Keyword-rich Text for website or online showroom
  • Brochure delivery for order placement using smart links
  • Information on discounts & loyalty programs

Customer Acquisition

Show you have arrived in style with Customer Acquisition SMS solution for Ecommerce

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telSpiel SMS service for customer acquisition endeavors offers instant, responsive and measurable way of connecting for new business launch or expansion information.

telSpiel brings you scalable, easy to integrate SMS API for customer acquisition to create that first impression an everlasting one.

Features & Benefits
  • Global publishers
  • Multiple channel access
  • Proven branding tactics
  • Quick Integration
  • Enhanced & segmented reach
  • Quality users identification and engagement
  • Optimized acquisition campaigns
  • Millions of impressions per click
  • Thousands of cities covered
  • Hundreds of successful launches