Use voice to drive customer satisfaction online with Voice Solutions for Ecommerce

Make ecommerce more reachable with Voice solutions for customer acquisition and retention sustainably

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Use power of communication with Voice Service for Ecommerce to drive customer engagement and convert it into figures that you work so hard for.

We help your customers buy products/service delightfully with Voice solutions by delivering

Information. OTP/ Notification/ Alerts, Product information, Operational statuses

Engagement. Engage customers with media rich messages, Click 2 call, Integration of native language voice search solutions, Segmented campaign support, Missed call campaign support.

Analytics. User behavior analytics, Contact center agent activity analysis, Response analysis

telSpiel Voice enabled Ecommerce Advantages
  • Easy integration with programming language of your choice
  • 24-hr technical support to ensure unmatchable uptime
  • Pool of verified and localized service numbers
  • Inter-network partnerships for extended reach
  • Scalable cloud based voice interface
  • Enhanced measurability for learning and experience enhancement
  • VMN/TFN APIs for added encryption

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

Marketing Campaigns

Automated Voice Solutions from telSpiel to identify, segment and reach customers intelligently

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Ensure added reach by integrating voice based marketing campaigns with CRM solutions for yielding more ROI per unit of ad spend.

telSpiel Marketing Campaigns Through Voice gives impetus to your business while creating a signature style of customer service.

  • Automated Chatbots
  • Data unification modules
  • Campaign workflows
  • Real time lead trackers and analysis
  • Hyper-targeting for better lead conversions
  • Marketing Campaign tools
  • Voice Recognition Integration with Websites
  • Virtual assistants for better campaigning
  • Better reach with cross-network partnerships
  • Spam-proof number pool for credibility

Transactional Alerts

telSpiel transactional alerts scaled to excel and deliver with intelligent Voice Solutions

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Employ Voice Solutions to send alerts real time and make transactions seamless to perfection.

Bring crispness in your customer service with telSpiel Voice Based Transactional Alerts Solutions to drive unprecedented customer retention.

Features & Benefits
  • OTP/Order Confirmation
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Payment confirmation
  • Delivery and failed delivery retry
  • Offer Coupon alerts
  • User Verification & authentication
  • Dedicated service numbers
  • Email and SMS integration
  • Personalized alerts
  • Triggered voice alerts
  • Automated re-purchase alert


telSpiel Click2Call Voice for Ecommerce Never Keeps Your Customers Waiting

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Get in touch with customers through website in just one click to make each call count.

Voice Click2Call for Ecommerce Solutions from telSpiel brings your business a click away from customers and makes consumer engagement easier.

  • More conversions possibilities
  • Browser based calling support
  • Proactiveness delivering better productivity of call center
  • Conversation back-up assessment
  • Drive consumer behavior to lead generation
  • Focused analytics to get clear picture
  • Automated follow ups as per customer preference

Call Masking

telSpiel Call Masking is perfect answer to customer privacy needs

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Create bridge and bring customers closer confidently with call masking to make ecommerce easier platform to trust.

Drive customer loyalty with Call Masking Voice Solutions from telSpiel that gives flexibility of sharing only what they want while transacting.

  • Worry-free contact between business and consumers
  • Sense of belonging with use of globally relevant numbers
  • No-cost way of reaching agents
  • Spam-proof environment empowered by VMNs
  • Minimal TAT for issue resolution
  • Enhanced e-buying confidence
  • Tracking support for better delivery


Hosted IVR system to make ecommerce up, active and personalized

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Introduce, onboard and generate sales confidently with telSpiel IVR designed specifically for E-commerce.

Automated IVRS from telSpiel Experts delivers communication experience reachable across networks and offers truly customizable customer engagement.

  • 24-hr availability for query resolution
  • Professional onboarding in truly encrypted platform
  • Enhanced customer data security empowered by automated voice response systems
  • Happy customers buying more and struggling less
  • Seamless product introduction
  • Unmatched support at each stage of product buying