Verified badge of WhatsApp can do wonders to your ecommerce venture

Give your ecommerce venture a powerful vehicle of WhatsApp and be visible where your customers are

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Leverage reach of WhatsApp to accomplish more numbers, faster spread and shorter buying cycle with WhatsAPP Business API for Ecommerce from telSpiel.

State-of-the- technological art telSpiel WhatsApp Business API helps businesses engage customers through seamlessness in crucial business actions like:

  • Create brand awareness by sharing brand logo, business address, operational information and lot more
  • Reach customers through segmented information deliver
  • Enrich Opt-ins with WhatsApp for more comprehensive catalog sharing and product arrivals
  • Sell through trusted channel of WhatsApp that reaches billions of users throughout the globe
  • Quick selling process – Catalog sharing, payment information, schedule order delivery, customize order effortlessly
  • Get word spread to billions in one click
  • Localized CDNs for incredibly fast promotions
  • Enriched content comprising of pictures and videos
  • Strongest recall made possible by repeat clicks throughout day

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Notify customers using prominence of WhatsApp with telSpiel Notification Tool

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Instant notification to valued customers on their favorite app WhatsApp is your gateway to ecommerce success.

Drive ecommerce customers’ satisfaction with excellence at par WhatsApp business API notification service from telSpiel to reach customers where they are available almost 24 hours.

Features & Benefits
  • Ecommerce-critical notifications
  • Encrypted platform
  • Global presence and reach
  • Branded notification for better recall
  • Booked flights
  • Flight schedule or schedule change intimation
  • Product purchase confirmation
  • Delivery detail notification
  • Critical issues notification

Customer Window

Drive customer interaction to boost sale with telSpiel WhatsApp Customer Window

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Interact to impress with WhatsApp Ecommerce Customer Window empowered by telSpiel.

Interact customer-centric way and enable immediate engagement with customers using WhatsApp Customer Window API.

  • Receive and send quick responses
  • Immediate price intimation to drive decisions
  • Data capture and confirmation for faster order processing
  • Tailor-made interactive platform supporting smooth selling
  • Make customers feel well-attended
  • Extend scope of ecommerce by adding WhatsApp
  • Reach customers globally real time with local WhatsApp