telSpiel Email Solution for Financial Institutions Spell Unmatched Connectivity

Communicate with customers using automated email platform to send all critical updates in bulk, personalized emails for OTP, statement notifications, reminders and others.

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Enhance customer experience by building trust over email with telSpiel Email Support custom designed for Financial Institutions Business Ecosystems.

Reach to computer-savvy users with Email for Financial Institutions from telSpiel to deliver
  • Automated timely alerts – general and opt-ins
  • OTP notification, user verification and business crucial updates
  • Send invoices and statements through attachments in media-enriched emails
  • Promotional updates empowered by GUI
Email from telSpiel Key Features
  • Dedicated IP pools to add professional appeal and instant delivery
  • Unmatched email processing speed enabled by in-house mail transfer agents
  • Lowest latency guarantee
Best telSpiel Email for Financial Institutions Differentiators
  • Email Exchange Made Completely free from eavesdropping
  • Powerful APIs HTTPS/ FTP/ SMTP based supporting personalization, attachments, no-latency delivery
  • Dynamic templates with social media integration

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The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

OTP Alerts

Make every financial transaction safe with OTP alerts

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telSpiel OTP Alerts on Email solutions drive customers to carry out financial customers safely and securely allowing brands to rise beyond user expectations.

telSpiel OTP alerts solutions help businesses offer added safety to customers doing financial transactions using mobile solutions or computers.

Drive unmatchable user experience among Financial Institutions customers by providing
  • Safe account logins
  • Added authentication while paying premiums, EMIs or funds transfer
  • Alerting of any account activity
  • Giving real authority of accounts to its owners


Spread the word to right customers with telSpiel Promotions over Email Solutions for Financial Institutions

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Design promotional campaigns using Email vehicle to reach segmented customers making chances of writing success stories brighter than ever.

Enhance the reach and impact of promotional campaigns through Email with telSpiel Promotions Solutions.

telSpiel Email Solutions for Promotions help you with
  • Triggers integration
  • FBL support
  • Integration with FTP, QS, JSON support
  • Webhooks integration
  • Managing content with HTML templates
  • Quickest delivery mechanism
  • Email transmission across thousands of IPs
  • Built-in email filter and auto corrector
  • List optimization