Put Mobile Phones at work to gain customer confidence in financial services

telSpiel with its automated, encrypted dashboard and bulk SMS support delivers unmatched customer experience to financial services users

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It takes just one SMS or sometimes series of scheduled ones to help gain customer confidence and add to numbers. telSpiel brings you automated SMS Service functional at scale, easily integrable in all languages and communications channels for ensuring better customer reach

Text Marketing to Ensure you Reach Customers Proactively
  • Build marketing campaigns over text to deliver timely alerts and engage customers with media rich, concatenated messages
  • Product launch alerts
  • New office alerts
  • New online feature alert
Customer service that pings your valued patrons real time
  • All account activity alerts sent real time on registered number
  • EMI/premium/account balance alerts
  • On request alerts like mini statement and others
  • Payment received alert
  • Interactive chatbots to give guided tours of products
Secure customers with safe messaging solutions
  • Opt-in SMS service
  • Professional service numbers pool
  • Cross-network tie-ups for extended reach
  • Integrate SMS with chat windows, websites, applications using telSpiel solutions and bring financial services to customers’ mobile numbers

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Send SMS to notify customers real time with telSpiel Notification Expertise

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Alerts, notifications and business crucial messages are important for better customer experience. Show you care with smart Notification solutions from telSpiel.

Alert and update customers to drive better responses with automated telSpiel Notification SMS Solutions.

  • Premium due date
  • Low account balance
  • EMI due alert
  • Change in policy alert
  • Change in EMI rate
  • Account statements at chosen frequency
  • Payment received
  • Initiation and completion of fund transfer
  • Premium receipt
  • Product launch
  • New Customer welcome note
  • New office location
  • New ATM locations

OTP Verification

Secure payments and transactions from fraudsters with OTP verification

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telSpiel offers at scale solution for sending OTP to enable faster and safer transactions.

Ensure confidential transaction through OTP verification over registered numbers for worry-free interaction.

telSpiel Advantages
  • Instant delivery
  • Easy Integration
  • Global network access
  • 24-hour tech support
  • Reports & analytics with filtered results
  • Personalized message support
  • HLR lookup advantage
  • Fraud-proof transactions
  • Secure authentication process
  • Multilingual message support
  • Fast transaction
  • Ubiquitous presence by integration with chats, websites, applications, voice solutions

Info on Demand

Perfect Info on Demand over SMS Solutions Designed for Financial Institutions

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Make your business more reachable and identifiable to customers with Info on Demand over SMS.

telSpiel’s Info on Demand for Financial Institutions eases reach, enhances connectivity and brings immediacy in the way businesses want to serve their customers.

Our solution helps in
  • Providing business location or directions
  • New marketing updates and newsletters
  • Media rich info with crucial details
  • Tracking sent messages and assessing response
  • Message from verified numbers
  • Conversational SMS with suggested replies

Customer Acquisition

Acquire customers smartly and confidently with telSpiel SMS Service

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Make yourself relevant to new markets and convey your strengths systematically to boost brand image using telSpiel Customer Acquisition SMS Service.

SMS connects financial institutions with their customers and goes a long way in building a responsible brand image. Leverage this touch point to create new business opportunities with telSpiel Expertise.

Use telSpiel to communicate
  • Popular keywords rich introductory SMSs
  • Within realms of regulatory compliance
  • Through professional looking verified numbers
  • Using ubiquitous network empowered by carrier networks