telSpiel Voice for Financial Institutions drive customer experience at scale with adequate branding

Use voice to broadcast, alert, and market financial products and services across country using telSpiel Expertise

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telSpiel offers a well-tailored voice solution made fit to meet the business communication needs of financial institutions.

We excel in

Voice broadcast. Making business reach across barriers of languages and boundaries to create better understanding

Feedback & Surveys. Automated surveys and feedbacks collection preceded by pre-call notification to drive better participation

Call patching. To provide safer and trusted way to customers to get alerts and statements, request statuses, and other account-crucial information

IVRs. To give quicker services and automated solutions

Missed call campaigns. To tap into cost-conscious customer base and drive better engagement to campaigns

Click 2 Call. Let customers reach you through any channel to explore your products with added ease

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

Marketing Campaigns

Create success stories with Voice Marketing Campaigns designed for Financial Institutions from telSpiel

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Reach and engage customers through marketing campaigns with automated voice solutions designed to deliver at scale and to achieve business objectives.

Market financial products and services using Voice solutions from telSpiel resulting in better engagement and scalable campaigns.

  • Maximum productivity of outbound calls
  • A touch of personalization to automated voice messages
  • Better response from customers through feedbacks & surveys
  • Adherence to regulatory realms with DND filtering
  • Enhanced response rate to make promotional campaigns talked about more
  • Scheduled way of connecting with customers for better response

Transactional Alerts

Ping faster and real time to drive customer confidence in your financial service

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Keep customers in loop and safe with real time transactional alerts empowered by telSpiel Voice Solutions.

telSpiel offers personalized Voice solutions for transactional alerts to help customers avail financial services securely. So, the financial institutions can convey information snippets on request in a scheduled manner.

  • Instant delivery of transaction alerts
  • Seamless integration to give cohesive environment
  • Calls truly patched that ensures better data security
  • Multilingual support to reach diverse customers
  • Ubiquitous presence through inter-network tie-ups


Be proactive in reaching customers through Click2Call Voice for Financial Institutions from telSpiel

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Make every channel the fastest and readily available to customer with Click2Call Voice.

telSpiel Click2Call Voice Solutions stand out in delivery, execution and reach. Easy to integrate, this tool helps businesses reach customers proactively and on demand too.

  • Guide customer in real time with just one click for website navigation or product demo
  • Drive more transactions by reaching customers across channels
  • Enhance contact center productivity by more customer engagement

Call Masking

Make financial services, banking and insurance safer with telSpiel Call Masking for financial institutions

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Safeguard financial services’ customer information from spammers and eavesdroppers with Call Patching Solutions.

telSpiel helps mask customer information from eavesdroppers and call center agents to deliver unmatched security of transaction.

Benefits of telSpiel Call Patching
  • Unmatched safe transactions using automated voice solutions
  • Responsible brand image dedicated to safe transaction
  • Spam-proof contact system to engage customers
  • Fast transactions possible in an agent-free environment
  • Complete masking of financial details of customers against fraudsters


Help Financial Institutions Connect with Customers Automated way using IVR from telSpiel

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Integrate IVRs in compatible platforms through simple short codes to deliver automated environment to end users.

Customized, pre-defined IVRs templates from telSpiel Voice IVR solutions give professional skin to inbound and outbound calls that reach customers safely and quickly.

  • Fast onboarding of customers
  • Shorter waiting time for resolving queries
  • Swift placing of customer requests
  • Interaction in language of preference
  • Automated delivery of scheduled account details
  • Human-like programmed voice
  • Multi-network reach
  • Easy integration