Leverage WhatsApp to Inform, Promote and Connect with financial institutions customers with telSpiel API

Connect with customers for financial product dissemination and gain better insight using combination of WhatsApp features and telSpiel

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Reach financial institutions customers across all mobile networks, devices and OS using WhatsApp Business API from telSpiel

telSpiel has designed customer-centric WhatsApp Business API  to help businesses achieve

Delivery insights. With real-time delivery and read receipts, businesses can get insights helpful in designing more yielding campaigns with better response rate.

Secure communication with customers. Encrypted environment of WhatsApp strengthened further with HTTPS and API security features create trustworthy interface for customers to respond and act on impetuses

Quick response initiation. WhatsApp is responded to most quickly as people check it several times during day and do not mind putting queries across or sending replies.

With branding facilities, you can strengthen brand image further and ensure better visibility.

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Use WhatsApp to send notifications that matter to your valued customers

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telSpiel WhatsApp Business API for notification can deliver customer experience resulting in more business per interaction.

Be visible, more available and readily responsive to customer needs with WhatsApp Business API notification service solutions.

telSpiel WhatsApp Business API can help deliver notifications such as
  • Alerts: Application received, Payment received, premium due, etc.
  • Customer service: Survey & Feedback, Query & complaint resolution, etc.
  • User authentication: Transaction confirmation, account access notification, others.

Customer Window

Customer Window developed by telSpiel WhatsApp Business API serves customer rightly and readily

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Make interactions fast and result-oriented with telSpiel Customer Window support integrated in-app, on websites, chat windows and others.

Interact with customers instantly and in a result-oriented manner using telSpiel WhatsApp Business API supported Customer Window Solutions.

Ways to use our solution
  • Integrate it in-app, on chat window, and other points of interaction
  • Help customers trade, make payment, navigate website with chatbots supported customer window
  • Answer all queries real-time with added immediacy to drive better customer experience.