Crafting Impressive Campaigns comes Easy with telSpiel Email Service

Propagate ideas and see them turning into reality with added confidence. An API functional at scale, easy to integrate and measure and designed to deliver

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Easily integrable code custom designed in the language of your preference guarantees swiftness you wanted Email campaigns to have. We drive customer satisfaction through telSpiel Email Service by redefining excellence in communications through.

Immediate Delivery. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to deliver message through Email when you are on telSpiel.

Only latest content, assured. UI empowered templates to compose email with only latest content.

Emails processed in astronomical numbers per month. An excellent platform scalable and truly reliable delivering nothing but business opportunities with almost 100% uptime.

telSpiel Email Solution Advantage

Integration Support. Both SMTP and API modes, Interactive Docs for API use, Set-up instructions, Exhaustive client libraries, 24-hr tech support.

Analytics Expertise. Engagement Study and Feedback Metrics, Email Activity Search and Assessment, Advanced Metrics and Analysis Plug-ins.

Unbeatable Privacy. Two-factor authentication, Regular security features updation, Multiple IP Access.

Assured Deliverability. Reach across IPs, Email Content Validation and Testing, Mail Transfer Agent Purpose-driven, Sender authentication, Global server access, Email Delivery Visibility Support.

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

OTP Alerts

telSpiel OTP Alerts Solution to Let Customers Transact in Safe Environment

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Fast, secured and measurable solution that covers email as additional medium for conveying OTP alerts

Make OTP alerts a pretext to connect with customers and be the solution that they have been looking for in ecosystem of online businesses. Every OTP Alert can be a gateway to a bigger, safer market base!

telSpiel Email OTP Alerts Solution For FMCG Delivers with Excellence
  • Lowest TAT ensuring exceptional deliverability
  • Thousands of IPs covered instantly with 1Gbps speed
  • Built-in corrector to make the process truly yielding
telSpiel OTP Alerts Mean Better Customer Experience
  • Global server reach for fast content delivery
  • Analytics based solution
  • OTP alerts within 5 seconds
  • Multi-channel coverage (Voice and SMS)


Automated way to promote FMCG business over email

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One email to right customer at right time and enriched with content, all this is possible with telSpiel Email Service for Promotions focusing FMCG variables.

telSpiel Email Solutions for Promotions Deliver Seamlessly
  • Automated batch processing with attachments
  • Delivery reports and analysis for improved solutions
  • Fast and content-rich emails for enhanced engagement
Awesome Promotion Features Spell Deliverability
  • Triggered emails like birthday mailers and bill reminders
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Responsive design code
  • Frequency limiting
  • Video embedding
  • A/B tested campaigns