Drive sales and boost customer engagement with telSpiel SMS Service for FMCG

Promote, engage customer, enable more sales and connect personalized way with customers in scalable way to arrive upon success-driven business models

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We proudly present a unified API that helps us modify our offering in sector-specific way. Our API for FMCG is perfect for sales-driven businesses that aim at lifelong loyalty and love of the customers.

Inform. Drive customer loyalty by keeping them in loop about everything that matters.

Engage. Present and promote product or service to make each SMS a revenue generation point.

Secure. Every customer’s information is secured using OTP confirmation and related safety checks.

telSpiel SMS Service for FMCG means pure business

With customers spread all over the globe, our programmable FMCG SMS service is available in all codes, customized for all business types and is purely at scale.

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Notify customers instantly right on their mobile phones

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Redefine important communication with Programmable Notification Service that works perfectly for all business needs.

Our SMS API for notifications help businesses with transaction-specific notifications that can amplify user experience with added sense of security important for earning customer loyalty.

  • Zero lag time
  • Repeat attempt support
  • Global number inventory
  • Customized messaging
  • Cross-border carrier networking
  • Multiple sender IDs management
  • Instant reports & analytics
  • Bulk and real time upload
  • User segmentation
  • Automated optimized route selection

OTP Verification

Send OTPs fast, secure and error-free way to fight away frauds

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Secure each and every buying stage with telSpiel OTP verification system to bring added credibility to brand image.

Send OTP to registered mobile numbers with telSpiel SMS Service for fast transactions of both financial and non-financial nature.

  1. Real-time intimation of login, password & completed transactions
  2. Anti- phishing-and-hacking
  3. Wide reach through SMS, Voice and Email
  4. Scalable platform to support growing customer base
  5. Configured API key verified to assure secure OTP intimation.
  6. Fully encrypted platform

Info on Demand

Reach customers with media enriched info on Demand through SMS Service

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Engage customers seamlessly with swift and to-the-scale integration of Info on Demand SMS Service segmented to deliver desirable results.

Reach customers with information and deliver FMCG experience that defines convenience.

Salient Features
  • Cover billions of customers round the globe with carrier network support, local numbers and real-time delivery solutions
  • Amp up the game with customer data and behavior analysis
  • Give links, pictures, gif, files and lot more to make every info wholesome in every aspect

Customer Acquisition

Acquire customers to expand market base by exploring SMS way

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Be heard and read before your competition through telSpiel SMS Service tailor made for customer acquisition endeavors.

Reach new customers and introduce your business with messages that help you build your brand identity.

  • Easily embeddable, requires no special integration
  • Reach beyond SMS and be there
  • Fast and accurate delivery and awesome results
  • Millions of SMS sent through multiple channels
  • Reach globally with wide network providers
  • Local number inventory and multiple sender ID