telSpiel Voice Service for FMCG offers proven way of connecting with customers

Make you voice heard to ensure beating competition and building customer relationship

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telSpiel Voice for FMCG creates unmatched customer experience through automated voice solutions that help businesses reach, interact and connect with customers in sales-driven way.

telSpiel Voice Service Strengths
  • Automated IVRS system to solve queries, send messages, complete logins and much more
  • Carrier Networks and Localized Service Numbers to expand global reach and bring immediacy
  • Info on Demand to send voice messages that mean lot and convert better
Leverage voice to create consumer relationships following ways

OTP verification and business-crucial message delivery. Automated way of creating safe interaction medium to deliver on scale and real time.

Product promotion in budget. Connect with customers while giving them intelligent mix of automated and manual voice to enable meaningful promotion.

Alerting Service to keep in loop. Show your sincerity and zeal to service the best with alerting services covering order updates, registration updates, and others.

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

Marketing Campaigns

Design Marketing Campaigns that deliver at scale with Voice Solutions for FMCG

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Create awareness, drive conversions and retain customers by connecting the Voice way.

telSpiel Voice Marketing Campaigns Solutions are truly scalable and can reach customers beyond network barriers.

  • Reach customers through verified and Local PRI numbers
  • Crack the code of customer behavior by integrating Voice with CRM
  • Beat the competition by going omniscient using Click 2 Call
  • Inclusive – Made to support all CRM entities
  • Effective – Analysis backed voice solution
  • Impressive – Professional voice integrated with proven tools

Transactional Alerts

telSpiel Voice for Transactional Alerts for unmatched customer experience

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Drive customer delight by delivering telSpiel Voice solutions that convey alert messages effectively, sincerely, professionally and certainly on time.

Customers prefer businesses that care about the safety of your transactions.

  • Real time delivery
  • Inter-network reach
  • Professional service numbers
  • Delivery reports and analytics
  • Multiple business numbers
  • 24-hr support
  • Regulatory compliance
  • APIs involving VMN/TFN
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Text to Speech
  • Personalized alerts
  • At scale solution
  • Completely safe
  • Spam-free experience
  • Voice-SMS-Email Integrated
  • Unmatched accuracy


Go proactive and more productive with Click2Call Voice Solution from telSpiel

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Instant connectivity empowered by Helpdesk environment to achieve better business-customer relationship is direct outcome of telSpiel Click2Call Solution.

Just with a click, drive customer loyalty by offering them instant way to speak, share, place order or give feedback with telSpiel Click2Call Voice Systems.

  • Integrate with CRM platforms or on website
  • Browser based calling extension to make every call instant truly
  • Notify calling agent to create more opportunities to connect and sell


Command customer engagement with IVR solution for FMCG from telSpiel

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Convey business crucial information, payment reminder, order status and other operational details professionally with hosted IVRs for FMCG.

telSpiel Hosted IVRs for FMCG can help you connect customers with no manual intervention making interactions super quick, secure and professional.

  • Online order updates with delivery reports
  • Impressive integration with added seamlessness
  • Real-time customer on-boarding
  • Redialer support for – no customer left out resulting in maximum reach
  • Multilingual
  • Smart list segmentation
  • Personalized calls with human voice IVR