Automated way to Notify and Interact with Customer over WhatsApp

Reach to customers globally over most used chat application for sale and promotion

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Give your business a billion chances to connect through WhatsApp branding vehicle and be available to the customers right at their finger tips.

telSpiel WhatsApp Business API offers

Multi-lingual support. Leverage WhatsApp multi-lingual UI to interact with customers in 60 different languages.

Enhanced connectivity per day. WhatsApp users are online more than six hours of the day providing most immediate solution for ensuring extensive customer reach.

WhatsApp Business API Advantage

Automated Messaging Support. Get bots to chat with the customers and solve customer queries personalized way.

Business Profile Communication. Use WhatsApp template to deliver credible information about business in enriched manner.

Mobile Number is all you need. Just pick any mobile number and make it your business identity, no need of short code.

Online catalog support. Enrich WhatsApp with images, videos, documents to deliver engaging catalog.

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Use WhatsApp Business API since every notification counts

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WhatsApp offers trusted stamp to connect customers for real time, automated delivery of notifications; Use telSpiel to leverage its brand value

Notify customers real time and in automated manner using trusted platform of telSpiel WhatsApp Business API to show you can reach them whenever they need, wherever they are!

Open venues for more sale with WhatsApp Notification by communicating
  • Business crucial notifications
  • Product availability notification
  • Order processing and delivery status
  • Last shopped products for triggering repeats
  • Trigger messages like birthday and anniversary greetings
  • New store and new location notification

Customer Window

Create more business opportunities with WhatsApp Customer Window

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Be available 24-hr to customers with telSpiel WhatsApp Business API for customer window.

Take one step ahead of opt-in and make the best use of customer interest by connecting them in deep and enriched fashion.

A customer window available 24 hours to end users help businesses achieve
  • More business hours, thus more leads
  • Quick resolution of queries
  • A meaningful interaction conducive to deeper business relationships