Bring health services to customers’ mobile phones through telSpiel SMS for Health Solutions

Make SMS a fast, accurate and personalized way of driving customer experience and engagement to make health services command immediacy

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Integrate SMS into health app, online portals, and in-premise facilities to give customers quick access to health reports through link insertion, doctor’s availability, online medicine delivery statuses, location of hospitals around and lot more.

Maintain confidentiality and personalization effectively with
  • Customized messaging. communicate one-to-one, pre-built templates having custom fields
  • Opt-in solutions. favorite category based notifications and alerts, health and fitness updates, health track reports with concatenation support
Track and Analyze Campaigns to enhance engagement and reach with
  • Survey & feedback solutions
  • Response rate analysis
  • Spam-proof phone number list
  • Geo-location and timestamp based messaging
Create customer service experience that drives better loyalty with
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Device based images and messages solutions
  • User preference based scheduled messaging

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The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Take telehealth to customer’s mobile phones through telSpiel Notifications Solutions

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Optimize patient interaction with relevant notifications that take confusion and effort out of a health service system.

Ensure that health solutions are only an SMS away from your customers.

telSpiel alerts and notification services offer
  • Automated expansion plans intimation to keep customers in loop
  • Scheduled alert system compatible with all mobile OS
  • Pre-appointment texts for meaningful in-person meetings
  • Number lookup for communication on verified numbers
  • Personalized messaging system to enable safe accessing of reports, health updates

OTP Verification

Connect with customer over SMS for OTP verification with automated telSpiel Solutions

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Build customer trust by providing rapid verification system through OTP using SMS and make brand a big success.

Our OTP verification over SMS ensures complete privacy in health solutions.

Connect with patients for:

  • OTP alerts for account access
  • OTP alert for registration to hospital, emergency service
  • OTP for viewing bills
  • 2-factor authorization to achieve better security of patient information

telSpiel Advantages:

  • Delivery with  lowest latency
  • Multi-channel delivery to email and voice
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Resend trial on request

Info on Demand

Give customers fastest way to reach information they need with Info on Demand over SMS

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telSpiel Info on Demand opt-in solutions drive patient interactions and expand the reach of health services in time-pressed environments.

telSpiel Info on Demand SMS delivers information on availing health facilities through personalized messaging support.

Offer hassle-free treatment through opt-in solutions of enterprise grade to disseminate important info like
  • Hospital location and route on map
  • Doctor’s availability - week day and hospital wise
  • Prescription refill support
  • Quick e- payment options
  • Health updates and fitness tracking
  • New state health policies & developments

Customer Acquisition

Explore new health markets and acquire customers with SMS Solutions for Health from telSpiel

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Acquire customers with better reach and user-oriented approach using Customer Acquisition Solutions for SMS to make every new milestone exciting than before.

Stay in touch with patient journey with telspiel’s Customer Acquisition Solutions.

Employ marketing ideas through SMS to bring innovative health solutions right to the customers’ mobile phones
  • SMS marketing to announce arrival in new area
  • Geo-location based messaging to reach customers beyond boundary barriers
  • New facility announcements
  • Pre-launch research using surveys
  • Discounts and Early Bird loyalty programs