Make health services exceptionally empathetic with Voice Solutions for Health from telSpiel

Employ voice-based telehealth services to give patients a hassle-free experience at every stage of attaining health and recovery

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Automated, scalable Voice Solutions for Health from telSpiel provide result-oriented messaging system to reach more patients in truly personalized ways. Let Voice do wonders to your endeavors of treating patients minus the hassles.

Voice for Alerts and Notifications
  • Automated way to notify the customers in personalized manner in the language they are familiar with Human voice programmed alerts and notification messages to add personal touch
  • Opt-in alerts regarding new services
Voice for Promotion
  • Keep customers in loop through automated voice solutions
  • List segmentation support to make every call contribute to better promotion
  • Info on Demand Voice messaging to keep customers well-informed
Voice for Customer Service
  • Quick call from websites, apps, emailers to make connection fast and real quick
  • Contact center calling support for reaching prospective health services proactively
  • Multi-channel integration to ensure no customer is ever missed

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The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

Marketing Campaigns

Voice for Marketing Campaigns from telSpiel drives patient satisfaction and brings businesses more numbers

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Communicate and convert in personalized set-up to boost marketing campaign effectiveness.

telSpiel Voice Marketing Campaigns help hospitals and private practitioners connect with patients to resolve queries on a wide scale.

  • Automated voice messages for product dissemination
  • Discount offers for new and loyal customers in human voice
  • New hospitals nearby on-demand
  • Scalable and custom campaigns for growing and matching health services
  • Robust networks for more calls per campaign

Transactional Alerts

Keep customers updated real time with telSpiel Voice Transactional Alerts Solutions for Health

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Update, alert and also acknowledge transactions to give patients a care-driven experience.

telSpiel’s Transactional Alerts On Voice for Health ensures health solutions updates reach patients systematically.

Alerts include
  • Real-time alerts on payments, check-up dates, OTP verification, etc.
  • Multilingual interface for better comprehension
  • Programmed human voice for personalized service
  • Scheduled alerts to inform about pending amounts
  • Changes in payment policies or new payment feature update


Click2Call Voice Solution for health from telSpiel drive better engagement and response

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Integrate Click2Call to multiple channels in short and responsive codes mastered by telSpiel to achieve quick customer interaction.

Leverage immediacy of Click 2 Call to give patients readymade solution for reaching health service providers through telehealth or for in-person appointments.

telSpiel Solutions help you integrate Click2Call for
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • To generate response from email
  • To onboard health app users
  • To connect to contact center for any important update

Call Masking

Call Masking Helps You Reach to Patients without Compromising their Privacy

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Patch calls to maintain privacy and interact in spam-free way with telSpiel Call Masking Solutions for health.

Maintain patient privacy and offer a dedicated interface for sharing details with Tel Spiel Call Masking for Health Service.

Businesses can now give their patients
  • Worry-free communication interface
  • Payment on Voice support with financial details completely masked
  • Fully relevant calls directly connected between service provider and end user
  • Call recording support enabled by public-key encryption
  • Regulations Compliant Calling Support


Connect patients to healthcare providers through digitally authorized IVR systems

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Help patients get treated with services empowered by IVR support that guarantees seamless, safe and time-saving connectivity.

IVRS lets you reach patients and connect with them in an automated manner with focus on creating brand image and driving patient comfort.

telSpiel’s IVRS System Support strengthens healthcare services with
  • Completely redundant infrastructure
  • Automated alerts for report collections, pending appointments and bills, etc.
  • Intuitive self-service support
  • Rapid intake of calls from multiple channels like websites, portals, texts, etc.