Take health solutions to WhatsApp and create billions opportunities to care and treat

WhatsApp Business API facilitates telehealth solutions to make every interaction a step closer to building healthy communities

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WhatsApp Business API for health makes patients super comfortable with pre-treatment interactions, post-treatment discussions, etc. helping them have solution with added cognizance.

Give treatments the way patients feel comfortable with
  • Give medicine support real time
  • Help patients attach reports and get immediate opinions
  • Get patients referred to doctors and specialists from reliable propagators
Credibility and Reach of WhatsApp creates health solutions with branding support
  • Perfect way to guide on medical health empowered with media enrichment
  • Attach contact and location of doctors, hospitals to make perfect start
  • Embed logo, business description and anything you need to share and spread further
  • Get clicks and shares to make health the way of life for customers

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Notify patients of crucial messages to treat customers confidently

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Send alerts, treatments specific notifications, etc. regarding health services and assess reach too.

telSpiel WhatsApp Business API helps health services connect with patients through notifications using vehicle with encryption level.

The WhatsApp Business APR notification offers
  • OTP for account access, bill view, report access
  • Account verification
  • New treatments in hospitals nearby
  • Doctors nearby
  • Seamless integration In-app, health portals and email messages
  • Extensive reach
  • Quick delivery
  • Immediate response

Customer Window

Provide patient care with added immediacy in time-pressed conditions

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Customer Window support enables one-to-one interactions to provide personalized health care solutions and to answer queries with no confusion.

Create billions of opportunities for patient care through telSpiel WhatsApp Business API scaled and transformed for health service consumers.

Customer Window Integration Features
  • Integration into responsive codes
  • Immediate multi-channel interaction initiation
  • HTTPS cover to ensure secure communication
  • Real time and customer query response
  • Treatment objective accomplishment in media enriched environment
  • Telehealth treatments for enabling report sharing
  • Online health opinion delivery