Wholesome email solutions from telSpiel for Real Estate Agencies

Use scalable email service tools to engage, inform and drive real estate conversions

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Building trust among real estate agencies comes easy with Email Service from telSpiel.

Main Features
  • Reliable delivery of emails at scale
  • Email delivery to targeted audience for effective campaigns
  • Simple integration to give quick email option to real estate agencies
  • Real quick email processing enabling millions of deliver a month
  • Secured sharing of data among related entities using unified platform
Use Email for Real Estate to accomplish objectives such as

Safe interactions. OTP alerts, Real estate crucial notifications, Verified email validation support, Two-factor authentication.

Enriched promotions. Interactive emails with automated response system, Image editor support to create engaging promotional emails. IoT enabled promotions helpful in creating effective funnels.

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

OTP Alerts

OTP alerts for real estate customers over most used touch point

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Drive safe and swift authentication to help real estate customers with OTP alerts over email.

Prompt, scalable, designed to deliver OTP Alerts over Email Service for Real Estate from telSpiel is the stepping stone to sustainable customer experience.

  • Quick delivery enabled by carrier networks
  • Quick processing with zero latency assurance
  • Safe delivery and analytics enabled email alerts
  • Two-factor authentication for safe account access
  • Opt-in solutions enabling customer-approved intimations
  • Multilingual solutions for better understanding & identifiability


Create content heavy emails to promote business at low cost and adjustable scale

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Scalable Email Promotions drive real estate customer engagement with better promise of conversions.

Trust telSpiel Email for Real Estate promotions for excellence in delivering smart, intuitive solutions to target audiences.

  • Regular communication opt-in solution
  • High availability with omniscient servers
  • Scalable promotion to address needs of changing business ecosystem
  • Automated batch email processing with attachments
  • Scheduled delivery to bring effectiveness in campaigns
  • Advanced, enriched GUI for seamless delivery of heavy emails