Connect with real estate customers and vendors over SMS and drive more business per interaction

Interact in language the customers understand at the frequency they desire to make real estate business easily reachable in every aspect to the end users

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telSpiel SMS solutions for real estate entail a coordinated mix of communications tools that help businesses provide every information customer needs to fulfil their property buying, selling or renting endeavors.

We help businesses by offering
  • Multi-lingual support to make themselves easily understood
  • Cross-network partnerships enabled solutions to enhance reach
  • Scheduled SMSs to keep customers updated about important and relevant information
  • Real time delivery of OTPs and alerts to fasten up operational aspects
  • Info on demand SMS service support to provide easy access to business information
  • In-SMS link support to enable further exploration or immediate action

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Notify real estate customers through alerts or convey business crucial updates through fit to scale services

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Make SMS an important touch points to deliver notifications that matter the most and drive customer satisfaction in real estate ecosystem.

Engage real estate entities by using customized, scalable, end-centric SMS Notification service empowered with telSpiel.

Alerts on
  • Registration Confirmation
  • Payment confirmation
  • Failed payments
  • EMI reminder
  • Property on rent
  • New property for sale & purchase
  • Links enriched SMS for quick action
  • Office address, property site
  • Types of property data reports
  • Real-time delivery reports
  • Actionables’ assessment
  • Analytics based SMS
  • Customer-driven SMS reports

OTP Verification

Make customer security impregnable with OTP verification solutions from telSpiel

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Send OTPs real time beyond network barriers to keep momentum upside in real estate matters.

telSpiel OTP verification solution can help real estate businesses be prompt, productive and privacy-focused while creating everlasting relationships with end users.

Verified number look-up. Ensures customer security by sending OTPs.

Pool of Sender IDs. Send messages from verified sender IDs.

Real time message delivery. Minimum latency delivery guarantee.

Easy set-up. Short code for selecting preferred language.

Info on Demand

Make real estate truly reachable with Info on Demand SMS Service from telSpiel

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All information just a customer’s click away is sure fire way to increase conversions and enhance visibility of real estate business.

Info on Demand SMS service from telSpiel bridges gaps between property promoters and consumers by creating quality interactive interfaces.

Send business location on demand. Insert links to address on map, tell about business hours.

Custom messages supported by telSpiel. Make connections more meaningful with long messages.

Two-way messaging. Interactive bots support for personalized chat experience.

24/7 support. Round-the-clock support.

Customer Acquisition

Fit to scale real estate customer acquisition solutions using SMS from telSpiel

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Engage customers and drive quick customer response through SMS solutions designed for real estate components – sellers, buyers and brokers.

Initiate targeted customer interactions with tailor-made Customer Acquisition solutions for SMS from telSpiel.

  • Conversational Chatbots for personalized and quick query resolution
  • Engage with appointment alerts, site visit reminders, project details with contact numbers
  • SMS solutions working machine-to-machine to enable IoT and bring smartness in the way homes operate
  • Strategic SMS solutions designed to promote properties in a customer-centric way