Shout out to real estate buyers and sellers to show your true potential with telSpiel Voice Solutions

Automated calling solutions to make real estate a well-connected place delivering better business opportunities

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Interact creative ways using Voice from telSpiel to make Real Estate business a solution within consumers’ reach.

Voice for Alerts and Notifications

Custom voice solutions designed with user-friendly solutions to ensure that no important notification goes off the radar of valued property sellers and buyers.

Voice Marketing

Scalable and designed to deliver voice solutions that stand out in performance and give extra boost to marketing efforts while speeding up the real estate deals process.

Voice-supported Customer Service

Set up a coordinated pool of entities with Voice solution that engages, services and cares for customers enabling better reach to real estate agents. Onboarding, real estate tours guides, query responses done professionally.

Voice for Surveys and Market Research

Connect and reconnect automatically to carry out survey and research campaigns to gather insights over real estate issues and create more customer-friendly offerings.

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

Marketing Campaigns

Reach real estate entities with added effectiveness using Voice Solutions from telSpiel

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Marketing campaigns get cutting edge with Voice Solutions from telSpiel that engaged audience on their mobile phones at lower cost.

Market real estate business at scale to target customers with automated, consumer-centric marketing campaigns using telSpiel Voice Expertise.

  • Scalable marketing tools
  • Scheduled messaging as per chosen frequency
  • Opt-in tools to engage customers
  • Cross-network partnership to enable universal reach
  • Multilingual support to get heard and understood
  • Automated voice note tools for effortless onboarding and updates
  • Automated retrials

Transactional Alerts

Send transactional alerts automated and personalized way to real estate customers

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Alert customers to enable speedier transactions and consolidating the property deals really fast.

Integrate Voice in-app, in-site, in-email and alert real estate customers to show their convenience is your priority with telSpiel Transaction Alerts Service.

  • Account verification
  • Registration verification
  • Payment confirmation
  • Payment pending
  • Payment failed
  • Property status alert
  • Buying initiation alert
  • IoT enabled transaction alerts
  • OTP delivery and notifications
  • Device change alert
  • New location access
  • Alerting customers on registered phone numbers


Go proactive with Click2Call to make real estate deals a delightful experience

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Click2Call brings you closer to the real estate customers via different platforms and adds immediacy in services.

Easily embeddable code, truly responsive in nature, allows real estate businesses to expand reach like never before using telSpiel Click2Call Solution.

  • In- email insertions as CTA
  • Request call back
  • In-app embedding
  • Drive contact center productivity
  • Help to navigate website or app
  • Give demos for better engagement
  • Get information prompts using Voice
  • Simple integration in SMS service

Call Masking

Ensure customer privacy with call patching for real estate agencies

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Call Patching creates spam-free, fraud-proof way of reaching to real estate customers.

telSpiel’s call patching service for real estate provides unmatched security to customer data and enables speedy interactions with zero human intervention.

  • Secure environment while connecting with customer care executives
  • Safe sharing of financial and personal data for business minus its misuse
  • Swift onboarding of customers giving them complete control in the process


Make IVR your trusted way to deliver seamlessness in connecting with real estate customers

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Automated voice response systems solutions help create connections that drive more conversions and swift customer service.

Interactive Voice Response Solutions for Real Estate from telSpiel Deliver Unrivalled Customer Experience with Expertise that has grown to fit scale and meet expectations.

  • Automated opt-in information solutions
  • Personalized, time-saving & cost-effective onboarding
  • Reach beyond language barriers
  • Seamlessness integration over multiple platforms
  • Quick interaction within professional realms
  • Spam-free environment for meaningful interactions
  • Smooth customer experience enabled by data-driven voice solutions