Reach customers where they love to be to meet real estate business objectives

Connect using WhatsApp stamp to make your real estate business exceptionally visible

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Create billions of avenues of connecting with real estate agencies in a click. WhatsApp for Real Estate Business is a promising combination that ensures incredible reach through shares and rich conversations.

Best experience in Real Estate using WhatsApp guaranteed by telSpiel
  • Interactive chatbots that help you design meaningful service workflows to gather information and respond as per customer expectations
  • Integration API to drive connectivity over all possible touch points
  • Live support interface for quick resolution
  • Intuitive response management enabled by AI
  • Only results no codes to make it a click and go thing
telSpiel WhatsApp for Real Estate is best solution for
  • Notifications
  • Operational assistance
  • Profile and statistics retrieval
  • Real responses to customer queries

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Every notification reaches faster and safer with telSpiel WhatsApp for Real Estate

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Notify real estate agencies to help them explore on time and in enriched manner to strike the best deals.

telSpiel Notifications over WhatsApp Business API helps reaching real estate customers through WhatsApp. Hence, a more personalized interaction between customer and business.

Alerts/ Notifications on
  • Periodic delivery of property
  • Property site visit
  • Property location
  • Tracking deal status
  • Collect customer preference and notify availability
  • Data-driven analytics to match and deliver relevant property
  • Agent/Owner availability for meeting and schedule

Customer Window

Reach through customer window to make real estate happen quick and easy

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Integrate WhatsApp CTA and start enriched conversations to drive real estate conversions.

WhatsApp Business API Customer Window from telSpiel is designed to drive customer experience ensuring real estate is instantly available through WhatsApp.

  • Integration to all touch points in responsive manner
  • Interactive chatbot support to deliver information intuitively
  • Enriched media support to drive information exchange
  • Branding support for all customer interactions
  • Safe interaction support in fully encrypted interface