Engage retail customers with proven prowess using telSpiel SMS service

Use SMS marketing to engage and excite customers to sit up and take notice of your business

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Every SMS can bring you one step closer to conversions. Leverage telSpiel SMS Expertise for Retail in creating engaging customer experience

Make the best use of SMS for Retail for
  • Promotion. Cover customers across networks to inform, engage and convert
  • Alerts. Alert customers about every debit/credit card purchase and thank them for visiting store
  • Analytics. Assess SMS marketing efforts and make them more effective
  • Feedbacks. Send feedback and surveys formats at scale
Leverage telSpiel SMS Service that entails features like
  • Multi-lingual support for sending messages in the language customers understand
  • Cross-network tie-ups to help business achieve extensive reach
  • Opt-in solutions to send messages on demand

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.


Notify customers of information that matters to them with SMS solution for Retail from telSpiel

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Create customer awareness, alert them of transactions and send business-crucial information over SMS to ensure extensive offline coverage.

telSpiel Notification over SMS Support helps bring more customers to business by sending fast, automated and scheduled trigger, non-trigger notifications.

  • Order updates and delivery reminders
  • Product arrival alerts
  • New store information
  • Order confirmations

We help businesses cover all parts of the country with cross-network reach and bulk SMS service.

OTP Verification

Send OTP verification SMS with automated solutions from telSpiel

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Add credibility to retail business by engaging customers through automated OTP verification SMSs.

telSpiel OTP Verification over SMS can help businesses engage more customers and ensure secure purchase. OTP ensures safe, fast and customer-centric retail experience.

Our solution is helpful in multiple ways

Safe selling. User verification over registered number with SMS.

Authorize payments. Keep retail fraud-proof effectively.

Secure delivery. Send OTP to confirm products reach the correct customer.

Info On Demand

Engage customers with telSpiel Info on Demand SMS service to drive more conversions

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Enriched messages on demand to customers over SMS lead to more footfall at retail stores.

Reach customers on-the-go with Info on Demand solutions by telSpiel.

Ensure wider retail reach with our SMS solution by
  • Providing retail store location
  • Opt-in product updates and newsletters
  • Service demo and usage videos
  • New arrivals update
  • Convert more with less efforts
  • Add URL and drive instant action
  • Send discount offers
  • Automate feedbacks for quality enhancement

Customer Acquisition

Beat the competition in retail by being available at a click with Customer Acquisition SMS service from telSpiel

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Segment, target, convert, sustain and retain customer engagement with Customer Acquisition Tools designed for SMS channel.

Funnel the target audience and create effective acquisition campaigns with telSpiel Customer Acquisition focused SMS Solutions.

  • Helps identify customer preferences through insights
  • Offers well-researched SMS service based on demographics, location, shopping habits
  • Integrates channels over SMS to achieve unified marketing effort  
  • Bulk SMS support
  • Incentive messages for early birds
  • Easy-to-remember short code/keyword