Shout out to customers in Voice that reaches all and converts many more

Engage customers with automated promotional calls, and drive better participation with IVRs and other Voice solutions from telSpiel

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Voice Solutions well within regulatory realms and crucial for retail customers are possible to send with telSpiel.

Use Voice Service from telSpiel to send alerts and notifications
  • Achieve better response with providing product information and updates proactively
  • Send delivery alerts, shopping alerts and failed transactions as well to command better experience
  • Keep customers in loop about promotional festivals, campaigns, shows and lots more
  • Inform customers of product launch events, warranty updates, and cross-platform
  • Sales Offers and Sale Period Announcements for better numbers
Services customers of products and services more professionally and build positive brand image
  • Outbound call system integrated with multiple CRM platforms
  • Interactive Voice Response for easy and quick onboarding
  • Welcome Voice Notes and Call-back CTA placements across multiple channels

Engage your customers

The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive service platform.

Marketing Campaigns

Make human voice your trusted tool to reach to retail customers with telSpiel Expertise

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Be heard, loud and clear with Voice marketing campaigns designed at scale and for high deliverability.

At telSpiel, we command exceptional performance by providing proven marketing campaigns over Voice.

Our solutions stand out in performance and are designed to deliver
  • Segmented voice marketing campaign support
  • Carrier network tie-ups for extended reach
  • Expert guidance and easy code fit for all languages and interface
  • Analytics and reporting support to assess delivery and response
  • Keyword-rich voice search

Transactional Alerts

Alert customers about transactions safely and professionally with Voice Transactional Alerts Solutions from telSpiel

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Let customers know what they ought to know to drive ultimate shopping experience through real time transactional alerts.

Voice Transactional Alerts Solution from TelSpiel supports personalization, custom designing and scheduled delivery to enhance customer engagement.

Our Core Strengths
  • Performance. Real time delivery, Access to all networks, Easy integration in multiple premise set-up.
  • Personalization. Native language support, multi-channel access.
  • Personality. A human voice experience for added credibility.
  • Security. Fraud-proof shopping through alerts and notifications.


Let customers reach you from every platform with Click2Call Voice service from telSpiel

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Make customer interactions quick and seamless and help them explore and know business as if guided by a personal guide.

telSpiel Click2Call helps businesses with customer onboarding and query resolution in a purely personalized setting.

Support features

Website to Call. Customer can navigate website through voice support.

App to call. Customers can call without leaving app.

Contact center productivity. Contact center employees can connect with customers.

Email to call. Emailers for information dissemination.

Call Masking

Call Masking Solutions from telSpiel deliver matchless connectivity without comprising on customer security

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Interact with customers while maintaining their privacy with call masking solutions that are truly scalable and designed to deliver excellence in services.

Connect customers to servicing entities without exposing their numbers using telSpiel Advantage and drive consumer loyalty..

  • Automated response systems
  • Easy connectivity
  • Seamless integration
  • Assured delivery
  • Virtual assistant support
  • Human-like voice for personalized experience
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Pan India Reach
  • Hassle-free patching procedure
  • In-app CTA for enhanced immediacy
  • Daily reports and analytics based updates
  • Time-saving way of servicing customers


Connect with customers through automated IVR system to enhance brand image

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Automated IVR service at scale is designed to deliver immediate response and perfect alignment of business with customer expectations.

IVR empowered by telSpiel helps to inform, engage and encourage customers.

  • Drag and drop feature for quick integration
  • Customizable connectivity
  • Multiple network reach
  • Call recording support
  • Easy syncing with CRM tools
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Safer calling support
  • Easy data collection using IVR surveys
  • Fully tested system for compliance